NightLapse #2

GoPro Hero 5 Black
Time Lapse – Night Mode
12 MegaPixels, 15s exposure, 20s interval
2017/02/04-2017/02/05, 10:06PM-6:34AM
Pittsboro, NC, USA

Still tracking that geosynchronous object in the sky. It’s the white dot toward the center of the shot that doesn’t move in relation to the stars around it. It’s definitely not a camera defect as I suspected may be possible. It flickers and dims as the night progresses as the light reflecting off it changes. I tied to use StarWalk to identify it without success.

At the very end, as the sun was starting to rise, we had a few minutes of freezing rain. I wasn’t anticipating precipitation and had the side door open on the camera to keep it plugged into a battery overnight, so it wasn’t waterproof at the time. Otherwise I probably would have left it running longer.




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こんにちは。 福岡市でごくフツーの会社員をやりながら2016年5月からブログをはじめました。最近、GoProカメラに興味があるので、GoProネタを中心に書いていこうと思います。はじめてブログと言うものを書くので、もうブログやってるよー!って先輩の方、気軽にからんで頂けると嬉しいです。 それでは、宜しくお願い致します。