Cloud Time Lapse B-Reel GoPro Hero5b Experiments V24541

These not-so-great flickery clips were made with a GoPro Hero 5 Black using its time lapse photo (and night lapse photo for the night shots) mode while trying to work the bugs out of the system. The biggest problem is the exposure flicker when the camera is in “auto” mode. A fixed exposure makes for a more consistent light level but also does not change as light levels drop through sunset. While not great material, they still represent some interesting movement in the atmosphere and so are being released as B-Reel clips for those who care more about action than perfection…

Contains JCMDI video catalog #s: V24440,V24445,V24522,V24532,V24533,V24534,V24535,V24536,

The soundtrack is “Lunar Seas” from the “StarSpin EP” CD by Technician (yours truly), MP3 album and single track available on iTunes: and CDBaby: Full artist discography and CDs available at HTTP://

Note: The audio and video material contained herein is copyright 2018 JCM Digital Imaging and can be licensed for commercial/monetized use on our website at JCMDI.COM. You may also download this footage directly from YouTube and use it free of charge in your own non-profit/non-commercial YouTube videos, school projects, etc. The full free usage policy and YouTube copyright notice/ad info can be found here (please read before using JCMDI material):




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こんにちは。 福岡市でごくフツーの会社員をやりながら2016年5月からブログをはじめました。最近、GoProカメラに興味があるので、GoProネタを中心に書いていこうと思います。はじめてブログと言うものを書くので、もうブログやってるよー!って先輩の方、気軽にからんで頂けると嬉しいです。 それでは、宜しくお願い致します。