August 18th 2018 Bearhawks Hockey Goalie 4K GoPro

An unfortunate end to the Bearhawks Summer 2018 season. We had trouble with the Bucks all summer and haven’t beaten them up to this game. Bearhawks took a lead in the first and we able to hold on until the 3rd period.

Overtime is 3v3 runtime, and most of the action was in our end by that point. I made a few good saves but bit too soon and let in a rather poor goal.

The player who scored the tying and winning goal has scored a tonne of me this season and I really need to work to stop him come the winter.

I thought I played pretty well, should’ve had the final 2 goals. I haven’t played since my last video (July) because of a wrist injury and I couldn’t really close my glove or move my wrist much because of a brace. Which is the reason I went back to the practice palm Reactor 6000 glove.

Bearhawks 2 – 3 Bucks


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Equipment Used:
Mask: Protechsport Theodore Mold w/ Monster Kewl
Hockey Sweat Band
Chest: Brown 2400/2200 Custom
Blocker: Bauer Reactor 6000 Bryzgalov Pro Return
Catcher: Bauer Reactor 6000 Bryzgalov Pro Return
Pads: Brians Optik
Stick: Warrior CR1, Infinity Exosphere
Jock: Warrior Ritual
Pants: CCM 12A HPG Ducks Pro Return
Knee Guards: Bauer Vapor 1X Od1n,
Skates: True VH Customs

Camera: Xiamoi YI 4K+




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