Osmo Action Vs. GoPro 7 Black

Both camera set to 4k 60fps, all other settings are factory settings, not even the sound level was adjusted in edit. For best results, watch in 4K. I’m not sponsored by anyone and I buy my own stuff.

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  • Video quality of both is very good & on a par with each other, depending on your personal preferences. Sound is definitely clearer on the GoPro. My main issue with the GoPro is the “fisheye” bending effect toward the outer edges of the lens (watch light poles go by & you will notice it dramatically). That doesn’t impress me but it depends on what your application is as to whether it is a worry. Probably for your usage it doesn’t matter but for me it is irritating.

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    こんにちは。 福岡市でごくフツーの会社員をやりながら2016年5月からブログをはじめました。最近、GoProカメラに興味があるので、GoProネタを中心に書いていこうと思います。はじめてブログと言うものを書くので、もうブログやってるよー!って先輩の方、気軽にからんで頂けると嬉しいです。 それでは、宜しくお願い致します。