GoPro Hero 8 First Specs and Pics

GoPro Hero 8 specs and pics have just leaked online. The new camera from GoPro will have 4K 120, a built in mic input as well as a new cage that will house a flip up screens, lights and many more GoPro Hero 8 exclusive accessories. This new cage for the Hero 8 looks like it also has a hot shoe of sorts which opens up a world of possibilities for GoPro enthusiasts.That and the fact that the Hero 8 will have the GP2 chip is incredible. That promises even better quality video and improved stabilization. The GoPro Hero 7 Black Hypersmooth stabilization was phenomenal. So how they can improve that remains to be seen.

It’s insanely exciting to think that the GoPro Hero 8 will have 4K 120 which is an insane frame rate and resolution for such a tiny camera. I’m genuinely excited about these GoPro Hero 8 specs and I really hope they’re more than just rumours. The pics that were leaked of the Hero 8 look legit and this really is shaping up to be a next generation GoPro. I can’t wait. Let me know in the comments what you think of the new leaked specs and first pics for the GoPro Hero 8.

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  • If the base price is the same as DJI Action, and a screen that has no lag is $100 extra I’m okay with that. The Action is good but seriously flawed. A Kitted out GoPro is definitely worth a few extra bucks. There was a lot of over-excitement when the Action came out, but now the dust has settled the Hero 7 is still better than the Action and with a no-lag screen the Hero 8 will be a clear first choice to buy.

  • Improvements; better video quality and improved stabilization, hopefully with a better linear mode, somewhat similar to the Osmo Pocket. I hope they have improved . . . drastically improved . . . low light performance using HyperSmooth. Perhaps with the GP2 chip that might be the case. Finally, a built in mic input. GoPro must have been listening. Now, if they have implemented all of that, I would be interested for sure. Not too keen on a flip up screen, though. I can only visualize a larger more bulky camera to implement that. Is producing a larger camera the direction to go for an action cam? Well, we will have to wait and see when they become available for visual inspection. Cheers Vic!

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