Full night/day timelapse 04-05-2019

Taken with gopro hero 7 on daytime timelapse photo settings. 12,764 pictures stitched together using Adobe premiere pro.

This was the longest time lapse I’ve ever made. I was going to take out the night shots but then the fog started rolling in and it was too creepy/cool to take out.

Another fun fact, I picked the settings I chose because I measured the distance from the tree on the right to the end of the visible street (about 400 feet). Combined with the speed limit of the road (44 feet per second) means if someone was only in one frame, they were probably speeding.

There was someone last night who managed to fly past the camera without getting their picture taken (only saw their headlights) which means at a minimum they were going about 55 mph! Yikes!




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こんにちは。 福岡市でごくフツーの会社員をやりながら2016年5月からブログをはじめました。最近、GoProカメラに興味があるので、GoProネタを中心に書いていこうと思います。はじめてブログと言うものを書くので、もうブログやってるよー!って先輩の方、気軽にからんで頂けると嬉しいです。 それでは、宜しくお願い致します。